Saturday, November 17, 2007

Unconditional Revulsion

What an evil government! What an un-Islamic nation! What disgusting, repulsive, merciless, debauched, sinful, cruel, malicious, pernicious, treacherous, wasteful, quisling state - that commits some of the most vile injustices imaginable in the name of Islam, and then turns around and begs the common enemies of the Muslim world for protection and support. Chauvanism of every kind in a state with so little to be proud of. It isn't "Saudi Arabia." It is "the land of the perversions of the ibn Saud."

But what if it isn't true? Newspapers in liberal "Western" countries report hoaxes as fact with the same audacity as media in tyrannical states - the major difference being that the lies are more subtle, and the population more unsuspecting. Editors with an agenda, and lazy, unscrupulous journalists are global phenomena.

In this case, though, it doesn't matter. The problem is that it is so believable - even if this were a lie, its untruth would never make up for the crimes of the ibn Saud, for the system they invented that makes this sort of thing even conceivable, all the while getting fatter and fatter as if the good Lord had put the oil in the ground just for their pleasure, and as if their monarchy was some sort of inherent good, as opposed to the anti-Islamic crime that it is. As the recent OPEC summit shows, they will do anything to keep themselves under the shade of Uncle Sam's wing, their only concern being lining their own pockets. The whims of some chauvanistic men - themselves to ignorant or too morally compromised to oppose the regime - are what passes for "justice."

God will bring them down, sooner or later, as He does with everyone. Until then, the only thing that the Proud Islamist can feel for the ibn Saud, who make such a thing even thinkable, is pure revulsion.

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