Saturday, June 14, 2008

Remember: It's not apartheid, OK?

Jimmy Carter took a lot of flak for the title of his book. Profesional apologists for zionism argued that the application of the "apartheid" label was a manifestation of antisemitism, an unfair singling out of Israeli policies that were completely different from those of Israel's erstwhile ally, apartheid South Africa.

From The Independent, "Palestinians barred from Dead Sea beaches to 'appease Israeli settlers'."

'In the petition a senior Acri lawyer, Limor Yehuda, says: "We are dealing here with travel bans and entry prohibitions to public places in occupied territory which are tainted with discrimination and characteristic of colonial regimes. We have here prohibitions preventing the protected population of the occupied territory from using its own resources, while the very same resources are put at the disposal and enjoyment of the citizens of the occupying power. . . '

One of the reservists, Doron Karbel, testified t
hat as a "side note", the Jordan Valley Brigade Commander, Colonel Yigal Slovik, had said the reason for the checkpoint was that "when Jews and Palestinian vacationers were sitting on the beaches side by side it hurt the business of the surrounding yishuvim [Jewish communities]."

Mr Karbel added: "In a conversation I later had with the Brigade Commander, he told me that he could come up with or find a security justification if he needed to."'

It's not EXACTLY like South Africa. Just very, very similar.

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