Friday, May 9, 2008

And the award for dishonest reporting goes to. . .


(But only because if I look at whatever Fox has got, my head will explode, and Al-Qaeda will take responsibility).

"Hezbollah "turned their weapons ... toward the hearts of the innocent civilians of Beirut," said Samir Geagea, executive director of the Lebanese forces, reading a statement after a meeting of the pro-government March 14 coalition."

Lebanese forces? Oh, you mean like the Army? Oh wait, nope:

"The Lebanese army did not join the battles that erupted this week. Taking sides could throw the military -- with its own political factions -- into disarray."

CNN's "Lebanese forces" are themselves a group of thugs operating with political direction. Whoever wrote the article wants us to think that Hizbullah are a bunch of foreigners fighting "real" Lebanese.

The rest of the article - with all of its moral indignations, disguised editorializing, insinuations of a vast Iranian conspiracy, and accusations of a spontaneous Hizbullah-led coup - should be compared with the more straightforward editorial from the Beirut Daily Star.

"Now Nasrallah has to prove that his side is ready, willing and able to live up to its own expectations, and speed is of the essence: After 15 years of civil war, 15 of diluted sovereignty, and three of limbo, the Lebanese deserve at last to have a level of politics commensurate with their talents and energies. If Nasrallah is the man who makes this happen, history will judge his actions to have been a revolution, not a coup, and a long-overdue one at that."

Strange isn't it? The people sitting in offices in Atlanta write a hysterically biased piece, while the people working a few blocks from the fighting deliver cool-headed objectivity.


As an aside, someone pointed out to me today that while Hizbullah is often called upon by disingenuous people to disarm, nobody breathes a word about the people they're fighting. Where the heck did the supposedly "progressive" and "democratic" political parties of Fouad Siniora and Rafik Hariri get all the guns to fight Hizbullah to begin with? We know why Hizbullah has them - they've been doing a better job of defending Lebanon from invasion than anyone else. Why do all these peace-loving pro-Western politicians need them?

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