Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Mozlems are Coming! Part Deux

Foolish infidels, resistance is futile:

"The group uses the online forum, the Vigilant Freedom group blog and many members� blogs, a weekly email newsletter, an online distance education collaborative workspace for all organizational activities. The Center for Vigilant Freedom website is in development and will be a clearinghouse with organizational profiles on individuals and groups in member countries who are working to roll back sharia laws, defeat jihad and protect liberty. . .

". . .
Our European chapters have formed a coalition
with several other groups in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and other countries to organize the 9/11/2007 rally in Brussels to Stop the Islamification of Europe."

Ah paranoid delusions. . . this is almost as good as this blog post, which appeared in 2005 on the wingnut celebrity "Gates of Vienna" site.


Now if you'll excuse me, there's falafel to eat, burqas to distribute and apostates to behead.

Oh crap, the timer's already going. Well, I'm sure someone else will take care of all that. . .

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