Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comparisons with Apartheid

As I have said here before, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not so significant for its magnitude, but rather for the scale of the public relations fraud that has been committed in North America by those who, openly or secretly, support zionism. We thus have the bizarre spectacle here of watching certain people accuse the Muslim world of waging a religious war against non-Muslim nations while simultaneously supporting the creation of a state primarily for European Jews in the heart of the Muslim world, with little more than the Bible as an excuse.

The thuggish tactics of the occupiers against the occupied, though well documented in situ, rarely make it to these shores. The rare occasions on which the occupied successfully lash out with their homemade weapons are each given their own media circus.

Here in Canada, opposition to this bizarre and mendacious narrative has faced difficulty getting off the ground. It is difficult to get your message out when 149 of the country's newspapers, and one of its private national broadcasters were recently owned by a supporter of Likud Canada, who passed the company to his kids.

One great hope is Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East. Well-organized, and representing a broad cross-section of Canadians, this group has already put on some phenomenal events. The next one, with South African human rights lawyer John Dugard, promises to be no different.

If you're in one of the 4 cities where Mr. Dugard will be presenting, I highly recommend attending.

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Simon said...

This is going to sound very much like I'm pushing a viewpoint, but its just a question I'd like answered.

How much time would have to pass before the Palestinians loose title to Palestine?

The Proud Islamist said...

I'm not sure I could put a specific time limit on it, but I would say one generation after they've all been wiped out or driven away, we could consider the possibility.

What have we done for indigenous peoples elsewhere?

If you read some of my other stuff, you'll see that I don't believe in a "Palestinian" state. Just like Europeans in the Americas, Rhodesia, or South Africa, Israelis are there, they are part of the landscape, and they aren't going anywhere.